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Exchange 2010 (Exchange 14) beta available for download

April 15, 2009 By: admin Category: Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 brings a new and rich set of technologies, features, and services to the Exchange Server product line. This topic lists many of the new features and functionality that are included in Exchange 2010. The list isn’t comprehensive; however, it provides important information to use when you’re planning, deploying, and administering your Exchange 2010 organization: 

  • New Rights-Protected E-Mail Functionality with Active Directory RMS
  • New Transport and Routing Functionality
  • New Permissions Functionality
  • New High Availability Functionality
  • New Messaging Policy and Compliance Features
  • New Outlook Web Access Features
  • New Unified Messaging Features
  • Web Management Interface
  • New Exchange Core Store Functionality
  • New Administration Functionality in the Exchange Management Console
  • New Administration Functionality in the Exchange Management Shell

Exchange 2010 Beta –


Exchange 2010 Beta UM Language Packs –


Exchange 2010 Beta Language Pack Bundle –


EWS Managed API Beta –


Instant Messaging inside Exchange 14 Outlook Live (OWA) and multi-browser support !!

February 14, 2009 By: Yann Espanet Category: Exchange 2010

First, you will be able get the full rich experience with drag ‘n drop & AJAX interface with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Same user experience with all webs brower ! and a new message conversation view to deal with a high amount of email in one scroll.

Second, you will be able to Instant messaging directly whit your contact in Outlook Live.
The IM function seems to be directly integrated into Exchange but don’t know what will be the integration with OCS ?

See the following video from Technet Edge to get a preview :

Get Microsoft Silverlight