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Use Lync with Kinect motion and voice sensors…

February 23, 2012 By: Yann Espanet Category: Application, Lync

LyncKin is a video conferencing tool which makes use of Kinect motion and voice sensors to provide more efficient ways to interact with business  applications and video conferencing equipment provided by Microsoft Lync  2010. It provides Lync with more efficient characteristics that enable  Lync contacts to form real-time, rich communications.




LyncKin takes Kinect from the gaming fantasy world into the business reality by using Kinect sensing technologies to let the user – business person – control Lync video conferencing by using body gesturing and speaking. This controlling ability of Kinect makes things easier for the video conference attendees.

With LyncKin, the user is being the conference  controller, they can perform some activities from their place; by using arm-waving gestures at the camera, and voice commands to perform functions where Kinect sensors detects both movements and voice in very sophisticated ways.

It can help to improve how people interact with co-workers, customers and partners through a more personalized collaboration experience. LyncKin is an optimized conferencing solution that can build voice and video collaboration for Microsoft Lync environments.

User Experience

LyncKin provides a way to use the natural-user interface capabilities of Kinect in business settings.

A rich user experience and a unified interface make it easy for people to work together effectively and frequently even when time or distance prevents in-person meetings.

LyncKin enables businesses to conduct a video conference while many of attendees are scattered in different places, may be in different countries. Users can also use their body motion capabilities to investigate some shared contents.


During conferences, LyncKin helps users to control the meeting from their places, as it follows:

  • Hands motions can Investigate Lync contacts, select someone to call, start a video conference with them, easily navigate shared meeting contents, and end the call
  • Voice commands can hold, end call, or recognize new meeting attendee.
  • Face recognition for a new meeting attendee and informing others who aren’t in the meeting room textually.

Business Benefits 

  • Add new capability to Lync unified communication tool for more effective collaboration.
  • Reduce cost of video conferencing by using Lync infrastructure.
  • Control Microsoft Lync without need of any additional peripheral?s.
  • Easily used on thin or rich clients.

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