What is the size of a small business for Microsoft ?!

November 13, 2008 By: Yann Espanet Category: Office Communication Server

In the past Microsoft has tried to scale the small business offer to company with a ballpark figure of 50 users. However, small businesses differ from one country to one another. For example, a 200 users company is a small business in USA, and a nearly big company in Luxembourg !
Recently, Microsoft try to have a scalable offer with the introduction of Windows Essential Business Server.

Let’s see the evolution of Small Business offer :

1997 ” BackOffice Small Business Server 4.0 : max 25 client licenses

2001 ” Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 : max 50 client licenses

2003 ” Windows Small Business Server 2003 : max 75 client licenses

2008 – Windows Small Business Server 2008 : max 50 client licenses and introduction of a new segment with the Windows Essential Business Server for company with more than 50 less than 250 clients.

With the hosted services offer, Microsoft has a different strategy and is talking about offer targeted for :

Small Business (5-24 PCs)

Midmarket (25-499 PCs)

Enterprise (500+ PCs)

Usually Microsoft consider small businesses a company with less than 75 users (the limit for Windows Small Business Server) but for this offer, small business are re-sized at 24 users !

Why not calling them Very Small Businesses (VSB) then ?

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