Exam 088-924 for Microsoft Certified Master : Office Communications Server 2007

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The MCM certification stand for Microsoft Certified Master, it sit between the MCTIP and the top level MCA Microsoft Certified Architect.

The Master certification is now a pre-requisite for beeing a Microsoft Certified Architect’s (Database,Messaging, Directory Services) is anyone can apply; you don’t need to be from Microsoft or a Partner.

Exam 088-924 – Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 – UC Voice Specialization count for Microsoft partner who want to have the Unified Communications Competence Speciality or individual that want to try the cursus Microsoft Certified Master : Office Communications Server 2007.

You must have the following exams below completed in order to qualify for the Microsoft Certified Master: Office Communications Server 2007.

  • Exam 70-638 – MCTS: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Configuring
  • Exam 088-924 – Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 – UC Voice Specialization*
  • Exam 70-294 – Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure OR Exam 70-640 – MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
  • Exam 70-297 – Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
    OR Exam 70-642 – MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring

Attending the Unified Communications Voice Ignite workshop is recommended as preparation for Exam 088-924 (available in fall 2008). Voice Ignite attendance is based on workshop availability . You must complete the following prerequisites, which are both available online, before attending:

 After that, you must fill an online form and follow this steps :

  • 3 weeks of mandatory training : One 2-week block, one 1-week block (can choose to consume all together or not)
  • Core technical content / sessions
  • Written exams
  • Qualification Lab Test

What will it cost?

  • Package: $18,500
    3 weeks of training
    3 written tests
    1 Qualification Lab
  • You must paid the plane and three weeks of accomodation in Redmond to follow the training at Microsoft premises.
  • Retakes
    Written tests: $250 each
    Lab Test: $1,500

In conclusion, becoming a Certified Master is a really a long and costly path, but like Microsoft said : “It’s Always better to be a master” ask to Yoda, he knows why !

More information here :

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  1. Here is a reply from Duncan Blake on a post concerning the exam that I have created on the facebook user group :

    “Yann, it sounds like you are well prepared. I helped create the content for the Voice Ignite refresh (version 1.2, currently in use), and I have some general suggestions for preparing for the UC Voice Specialisation exam:

    Brush up on your .NET regular expressions for the normalization rules in the location profiles (the Reskit tool Enterprise Route Helper is THE way to do this in general, and it nicely helps you practice and understand the RegEx as well).

    Be sure you understand the Exchange UM, OCS and gateway/PBX call flows and security requirements.

    Make sure you understand the differences between the RCC, Enterprise Voice, Dual Forking and Dual Forking with RCC scenarios, especially around the normalisation rules and how they differ between the RCC and Enterprise Voice components.

    In general, brush up on your basics, your SIP, SDP, RTP, SRTP, etc, in the OCS/OC logs, as well as with a packet sniff.

    Remember, when dealing with complex problems, always start with the basics! Is it plugged in, turned on, cables connected properly? What does the event log say? Is the service enabled? Is it running? What port is it on? Are the certs/hosts trusted? Is the time set correctly for kerberos to work? How does the name get resolved? Those little things are the big killers!

    Anyway, let us know how the exam went, when you take it!


    Enterprise Voice Architect, UnifySquare.”

  2. Hi,

    Here’s a quick look into what it’s like to attend the MCM – from my perspective 20 months ago. If you are ready, I say, “Go for it!”