Understanding Microsoft Regular Expressions

July 31, 2009 By: Yann Espanet Category: Office Communication Server

Trouble to use regular expressions in defining routes for OCS ? Download a whitepaper from Globalknowledge and a cheatsheet from addedbytes !

  • Tips on Understanding Microsoft Regular Expressions from GlobalKnowledge

“Microsoft has introduced regular expressions for the main purpose of normalizing E.164 numbers and allowing users to dial numbers by a pattern they are accustomed to, and to define routes to send to an external gateway for PSTN connectivity. This white paper focuses on the regular expression process and the syntax used by the Microsoft OCS (Optional Component Manager) Expert to create a dial plan and normalization rules that will properly be interpreted and executed. Regular expressions are also used for Address Book translations of numbers in the user contact database that would have to be converted to the E.164 format. This paper also examines tool sets that can be used right on your XP or Vista computer to test regular expression constructs without disturbing the corporate production environment.”

  • regular-expressions-cheat-sheet-v2.pdf

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  1. I wonder why they do regular expressions for E.164 but you cannot do content filtering on regular expressions, for example to block credit card numbers.