First Unified Communications Appliances

June 14, 2008 By: Yann Espanet Category: Office Communication Server

Unified Communications Standard Appliance                             Unified Communications Enterprise Appliance

A new Microsoft partner named StartReady has build an appliance for Office Communications Servers. has been founded by two ex-Microsoft employees in the Netherlands, and is specialized in building Search and Office Communications server appliances.

“StartReady has two types of UC Appliances: The Standard and the Enterprise Appliance. This differentiation allows organisations to consider its needs carefully when choosing its UC implementation. The Standard Appliance focuses specifically on internal efficiency. The Enterprise Appliance offers additional communications channels and external communications. Organisations can use the flexibility of StartReady’s UC-Appliance to keep the phasing and configuration under its own management. They can set up the interaction with existing systems to meet their needs. They will assign functionality to employees based on functions and tasks. This is how our customers build their new generation communications infrastructure. Without constricting corsets and with an eye for their own ambitions and  hurdles.”

You can read an interview of the CEO Lucas Wensing on this unified Communications blog or consult the company’s website.



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