Microsoft Office Communications Online : Software Plus Services (S+S) mode for UC

March 04, 2008 By: Yann Espanet Category: Office Communication Server, SaaS

Microsoft Office Communications Online allows you to take advantage of industry-leading collaboration capabilities without managing your own infrastructure, server hardware, facilities, or hiring support staff. Microsoft provides a more secure environment than public instant messaging tools for sharing intellectual property and working within teams that are increasingly dispersed around the world.


With Office Communications Online, your enterprise can be up and running quickly. At the heart of the solution are Microsoft data centers located at key sites around the world. Each data center houses a highly available complex of equipment that hosts your communication services. The servers needed to support your organization are dedicated to your company only, as your data is always kept separate from other organizations.

Core Office Communications Online Service will include :

• Secure instant messaging by deploying the Intelligent Instant Message Filter (IIMF) program as
a standard feature.
• Presence awareness,
• Access to instant messaging via your intranet and the Internet.
• Service Level Agreements at the service, not just server level, covering Office Communications Online. 99.9% service availability is offered.
• Dedicated hosting in Microsoft data centers.
• Directory synchronization from your Microsoft Active Directory providing single sign-on capability.
• Dedicated servers and networks providing you with logical and physical security.
• Service evolution that includes upgrades to new Office Communications Online release versions at no additional charge.
• Disaster recovery services that provide full instant messaging and presence capability in an alternate and geographically diverse data center within 72 hours.
• Federation with Microsoft includes a dedicated trusted connection between the customer and Microsoft.

Optional Services will include :
• Federation to allow two or more disparate instant messaging and presence installations to interconnect and communicate with each other.
• Public IM Connectivity (PIC) providing connectivity with users from the MSN, AOL, and Yahoo public Instant Messaging services.
• Content archiving to capture and retain text instant message content for all users.
• Web access to extend the reach of instant messaging and presence to a broader base of users.

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