Exchange in the cloud : Exchange 14 preview …

February 03, 2009 By: Yann Espanet Category: Exchange 2007

KC Lemson and Jim Lucey talk about the next version of Exchange named Exchange 14 on TechNet Edge.

Actual version was coded Exchange 12, but for superstitious reasons this version has the namecode 14 !

As part of the live@edu program, Microsoft currently host 3.5 Million mailboxes on Exchange Labs and you can see here a brief demo of the user experience, showing how you have access to your mail and calendar via Outlook, the browser, or your mobile phone.


This video is the first in a series covering what’s new in Exchange 14, visit the following site in the coming months to see what else is new in the product :

You can join the following Facebook Group to exchange on this subject :
Microsoft Exchange 14 Facebook Group



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